Bruno Nakano

WWF just* how-to videos

Everyday we buy millions of household products that are essentially chemicals in plastic bottles. And every one of them puts more pressure on our already fragile environment.

Each product was a simple reminder that 100% natural ingredients can often replace mass-produced products we use every day.

To help spread this message we created 12 simple ‘how-to’ videos and housed them on a website devoted to consuming sustainably.


The Directory Big Won Rankings 2015 9th Design Campaign Worldwide, 11th Integrated Campaign Worldwide One Show Green Pencil, 1 silver, 2 finalists D&AD Impact Wood Pencil London International Awards 1 gold, 3 bronze, 2 finalists Art Directors Club 1 bronze NY Festivals 6 finalists Epica Awards 1 silver, 1 bronze Andy Awards 2 golds, 1 silver Spikes Asia 1 silver (integrated), 1 bronze (design), 4 finalists (media, design, digital, outdoor) Cannes 7 shortlists (Product Design, Design, Cyber) AWARD Awards 1 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze, 1 finalist YoungGuns Awards 1 silver, 1 bronze AdFest Asia/Pacific 1 gold (Best Integrated Design Campaign), 2 silver, 3 bronze, 2 finalist GPC Leo Burnett 8 ball, 5 7+ Mumbrella Australia Top 5 Pro-Bono Campaign of the Year


Andy Dilallo, Vince Lagana, Grant Mcaloon, Bjoern Ingenleuf, Cassie Collin, Edward Copestick, Keong Seet

Cyber, Film

Art Direction, Visual Design