Bruno Nakano

McDonald's Heavy Nights

Simple and clean, with a smoothing palette of colours suited to early morning, the abstract illustration style allowed us to convey causes of tiredness in a graphic and charming way – a clear reminder that McCafé coffee is there for everyone in need of a pick-me-up.

We needed to create work that stood out from the usual retail-style pieces that surrounded such advertisements. In doing so we also wanted to elevate the perception of McCafé coffee while still retaining the brand’s warm and welcoming tone.


The Directory Big Won Rankings 2014 Top 100 Poster Campaign Worldwide Lürzer's Archive Front Cover Lürzer's Archive Selected for 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 16/17 Art Directors Club 1 gold London 1 silver and 2 bronze NY Festivals 1 silver YoungGuns Awards 1 bronze and 1 shortlist Kingsale Shark 2 golds Cannes 4 shortlists Spikes Asia finalist GPC Leo Burnett 7+


Andy Dilallo, Vince Lagana, Grant Mcaloon

Outdoor, Print

Art Direction

Heavy Nights
Heavy Nights
Heavy Nights
Heavy Nights